Billing and Management Software
ABGEST (Own Software)
BackOffice ABGEST - Commercial Management
Key Features
> Product Management

> Management services Rendered

> Customer management/Sales

> Issuance of invoices, simplified invoices, receipt invoices, debit and credit memos, payment receipts

> Issuance of transport documents-transport guide, packing slip, asset movements guide, return notes

> Deferred billing of shipping guides or transport guides

> Customer order Management

> Automatic billing of orders

> Supplier Management/Procurement

> Self-billing/procurement management

> Autoinvoicing SAFT Export

> Repair management, technical assistances and work sheets
> Current account management of customers/suppliers/banks/sellers/Treasury (Cost centers)

> Multi-Warehouse stock Management/Purchases/Returns/slaughter note/transformation/production/transfers

> Vaseyame Management

> Batch management and serial numbers

> Salespeople and commissions management (Cloud pre-sale link and Cloud self-selling)

> Customizing and printing documents, coupons and labels

> Management of agreements and fixed and pre-programmed movements.

> Management of counters with record counts and automatic invoicing of the same

> Maps for accounting and analysis reports

> Management maps

> SAF-T export/AT Inventory

FrontOffice ABREST - Catering

FrontOffice ABLOJA - Retail Trade

FrontOffice ABLOOK - Aesthetics and Beauty

FrontOffice ABPOS - Tactile Retail Trade for POS and Tablet (Mobile Invoicing)

ABMESAS - Table Order Registration

ABMONITOR - Management and Control of Orders in the Kitchen

ABDISPLAY - Customer Display with Advertising
> Publish your brands and promotions on your customer display