Wintouch Software
Accounting Management
WINTOUCH Accounting, is a solution that allows the computerized handling of organized contabilities. This application responds effectively to the challenges imposed by the tax administration while giving all the necessary management information to the day-to-day.


Human Resources Management
WINTOUCH Human Resources, is an application that, in addition to processing the salaries of employees and independents, the satisfaction of tax obligations, also intends to be a tool that assists the responsible for the management of human resources of A company in its decision-making.


Asset Management
WINTOUCH Asset Management, is an application that in addition to the treatment of the life cycle of a property asset, issuance of tax maps, processing of amortization and revaluations, also intends to be a tool that assists the responsible for managing the Company's fixed assets in its decision-making.


Commercial Management
WINTOUCH Comercial, constitutes itself as the cornerstone of Wintouch ERP, supporting the entire logistics area of the company in an intuitive and fast way, offering at the same time, all the mechanisms of configuration and parameterization in order to adapt the application to Various types of companies:
- Invoicing
- Supplier Management and Procurement
- Current Accounts
- Collections and Treasury
- Stocks and Inventories
- Production Management
- Sellers and Commissioners Management
- The Covenants


WINTOUCH Restoration, is currently a reference in the solutions available in the market for the areas of catering, bakery, bars, discos, Catering and management F&B.
The main aspect of this solution is the enormous ease of use that allows eliminating long training times.
Providing an intuitive, fast and complete Frontoffice, this solution is 100% interconnected with the remaining components of Wintouch ERP providing the most complete system on the market.


WINTOUCH Retail is a complete management system granted from root to respond to various types of retail business. In conjunction with Wintouch ERP, it offers companies a complete and comprehensive system, covering the most varied business areas, being also a tool adaptable to the various dimensions of companies.
It is a standard, generic solution that includes, based on, the necessary specifications for business as diverse as:
- Clothing/Footwear
- Butchers/fish shops
- Bookstores/stationeries/kiosks
- Supermarkets
- Food Stores
- Decoration
- Photo Gallery
- Laundries
- Hairdressers
- Goldsmiths/watchmakers
- Vidreiras
- Petrol stations
- Parapharmacias
- Among others


Hotel Management
WINTOUCH Hospitality is an ERP for the management of small and medium size hotel units.

- By possessing powerful and intuitive mechanisms for managing reservations, pricing and invoicing....
- For contemplating all the current interfaces in the hotel units as links to points of sale, door opening keys, connection to online booking systems....
- For providing multi management, which allows you to manage the availabilities of a hotel chain at the same time....
- For being connected to the other WINTOUCH applications such as WINTOUCH accounting, WINTOUCH Human resources, WINTOUCH restoration or WINTOUCH retail...

... This solution is positioned as a fundamental management tool for hotel units, irrespective of their size.
As can be demonstrated by the characteristics of the product, there are several mechanisms that aim to facilitate the task to the operator. Either by using the own mechanisms of this program or by using common mechanisms available, for example, in WINTOUCH Manager or WINTOUCH Comercial.


Medical and Hospital Clinic Management
WINTOUCH clinics, is an advanced system of management and medical information, easy to use, aimed at offices, medical clinics and hospital clinics of small and medium size.
It represents the indispensable and ideal tool to manage offices/clinics of the most varied areas of activity such as cardiology, general practice, dermatology, gynecology/obstetrics, ophthalmology, orthopedics, otorhinolaryngology, psychology, Psychiatry, urology, also responding to the specific needs of other specialties such as physiotherapy, dentistry, aesthetics/Nutritionist, podiatry, pediatrics, examination centers and hospitalization.
The main aspect of this application is the fact that the invoicing component and the relationship with the health subsystems (eg. ADSE) and insurers be fully automated. This fact is in itself a fundamental element in the acquisition of this type of system, because in addition to being endowed with a tool that automates the daily routines of the clinic (appointments, appointments, patient dossier), totally eliminates the possibility of errors in the sending of invoices to the various entities, with the consequent financial benefits and the reduction of the repayment time.


Veterinary Clinics Management
WINTOUCH Veterinaries, is a complete application for the management of veterinary clinics.
Through an intuitive and powerful interface, this solution allows you to plan and manage all the clinical and administrative processes of your veterinary clinic. Based on the same platform shared by the other applications of our management product line, it provides the same set of powerful global tools to all our solutions.